Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AMMOS products are multimission capabilities that include AMMOS core software, data, and models licensed for use by projects. Adaptation of these products to meet mission-specific requirements is not considered multimission core and is thus paid for and maintained by the project.

AMMOS services are mission operations functionality performed by human capital (expertise) according to agreements negotiated between the project and the Multimission Ground System and Services Office (MGSS). MGSS works with an implementing organization to staff and cost the expertise. This is in contrast to obtaining and using products directly.

AMMOS products and services are available to any NASA-sponsored flight project or experiment investigation. Non-NASA flight projects or experiment investigations, whether U.S. or not, may also take advantage of AMMOS capabilities, provided they have an agreement to that effect with NASA Headquarters.

Missions can choose the AMMOS multimission functions and/or mission-specific adaptations in unique combinations that meet their specific needs. Price is uniquely determined according to the components selected and driven by how much mission-specific adaptation is requested for multimission core functions.

For most AMMOS software products, a software license must be granted by the Caltech/JPL Software Release Authority (SRA) prior to obtaining the software. This requires completing a customer form (visit in order to determine the entity requesting the software (e.g., U.S. government agency, academia, industry, individual, etc.). Because AMMOS software was developed under contract with NASA, it is available royalty-free to U.S. government agencies including all NASA Centers. Some AMMOS software products are available through open-source distribution channels and do not require a Caltech/JPL software release license. Please consult the AMMOS Catalog for those software products available through open-source channels such as NASA GitHub.

AMMOS is a NASA product line. It consists of capabilities (products and services) contributed and used by all NASA Centers. AMMOS implementation and maintenance is managed by the MGSS, a NASA Program, at JPL. The MGSS charter is to support all NASA missions and provide Mission Operations System (MOS) solutions at reduced overall cost and risk, and to improve and refine ground system tools and services to meet the challenges of future NASA missions.

For more information on the MGSS or the AMMOS Product Line please contact the Mission Interface Office (MIO). You can also download the AMMOS Catalog.