Opportunity to Contribute to AMMOS

MGSS is continually searching for innovative ways to improve AMMOS and is interested in hearing:

If you can contribute to any of the above, please contact the MGSS Strategic Planning Manager Jody Gunn at johanna.m.gunn@jpl.nasa.gov or the AMMOS Technology Manager Jay Wyatt at e.jay.wyatt@jpl.nasa.gov.

Selection and Funding of New Capabilities

The process to select and fund new capabilities or enhancements to AMMOS is conducted every 2 years via the biennial Call for Ideas. Submissions are selected based on their alignment with the AMMOS strategic goals and the needs of current and future missions. Major steps of the process include:

If you have a tool or service that can be used in a multimission environment for either Deep Space or Astrophysics missions and are not sure if this process is the right path for you, please contact the Assistant Program Manager for Strategic Planning to discuss your options:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mail Stop: 264-235
4800 Oak Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone Number: (818) 354-3899