Call for Ideas

Every other year, the Multimission Ground Systems and Services Office (MGSS) solicits ideas for evolving and improving NASA's Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS). AMMOS provides multimission ground system tools and services that enable missions to operate at a lower total cost to NASA while providing broad-ranging capability, high reliability, and outstanding performance. This "Call for Ideas" (CFI) is an opportunity for any member of the NASA mission operations community to suggest implementations or operations-focused technology efforts that will increase the usefulness of AMMOS to its customers.

NASA organizations that submit specific ideas that are later incorporated into the AMMOS future plans are offered the opportunity and funding to implement those ideas. Once the capability has been implemented and added to the AMMOS catalog, the implementing organization will maintain the capability and provide the engineering needed to adapt the capability for use by AMMOS customers.

Click here for the latest Call for Ideas (Expected in Fall 2020).

To Initiate a Submission:

Next Call for Ideas Expected Fall 2020. Submission guidelines will be provided at that time.